Long live to the manga!

Long live to the manga!

We were at Tokio Cuatro’s “Haru Matsuri” event and reaffirmed our love for otaku events…


Otakus know how to have fun, it’s become a treat for us to attend their events and breathe some of that megadiverse and heterogeneous (but not heteronormative) freedom in the air. Though we’re completely ignorant of otaku matters, we just want to say we love you with this post.

The “Haru Matsuri 3” event had everything it needed to be a cool event: great organizers, an excellent place, free admission, free stands for penniless exhibitors, and all that fun teenage dorkiness… just the way we like it. The rest was a maelstrom of freaks, otakus, cosplayers, videogame characters and all that stuff that makes us cry of excitement.

But then we start feeling weird for giving you odd looks, or guilty for feeling awkward when we put on a pink wig. We take sneaky pictures of you being yourselves in this space, and we’re secretly glad you are.

We too were once weirdos who sought refuge from an alienating and violent educational system in comic book collections, cartoons, music and hobbies; we found a means of escape and of finding others like ourselves through harsh music, loud growls and sarcasm. This is what we see at these events and we feel at home, looking from our little stand with a smile on our faces, as freedom builds new frontiers.


Otakus, wild and free… don’t you ever change

Por ultimo les invitamos a ver el hermoso album de fotos del evento pinchando aqui.











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