This is the story of two friends who united by rock n roll and sausages
would undertake the oddisey that nobody would deign to finance… their dreams.
By activating their fantastic powers they would shape up a humble comic studio
which slow but surely builds stories that break asphalt.
This way they would discover that to make stuff you just need to make them,
plunging themselves into this marvelous adventure full of marvelous adventures.




Rodrigo “Oso” Vargas
Subcomandante of Artistic Production
In charge of drawing and picnics



Fernando “LeChuck” de Peña
Supreme Professional Creative Coordinator
In charge of writing and dances



MAPACHESTUDIOS sees itself as a comic producing house, even if it’s just two guys. We try to build comics with and for diverse people that struggle for new narrative and aesthetics in sequential art, from the south of the world working in a global perspective. Exploring this page you can discover more about what we create, who we are, what we think and how we work.

Feel free to contact us!

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