The Mapachestudios Micro-Scholarship for the Development of Good Vibes and Repayment of the Chomix* Historical Debt (MMSFTDOGVAROTCH, also known as the Mapachestudios micro-scholarship, for short) is a financial award for comics creators that produce or have produced comics of outstanding quality and have contributed towards comics from our particular and raccoony point of view. This micro-scholarship comes from the fundamental necessity to foster the appreciation of the work and effort of local creators, contributing towards the furtherance of comics and their creators with concrete actions, comprehending the significance of comics as a means of communication and transmission of ideas.

In this first instance we possess one hundred thousand pesos (like 200 dollars) which will be granted to the author (or authors) of the chosen work. Even though the award is modest, we hope it will increase in the future and become a great scholarship…but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Our Objectives

  • Compensate local creatives for the work they often do for free.
  • Disseminate interesting voices in the field of comics and graphic narrative.
  • Promote debate and analysis of the works and subjects treated in comics.

Applicants Must

  • Have a comic with a minimum of 20 published pages up to the date of this contest’s announcement(October 4). This is because we are looking for comics that have been in development for at least during a year. These pages may have been published in any format, be it web comic, fanzine, magazines, etc. The important thing is to have ongoing comics and not projects created just to participate in this contest.
  • Reside in Chile(because we can’t send money overseas without getting caught by the police or losing part of it).
  • Complete the email form below, including a plot summary, description of your work team and a link to your work (webpage or dropbox/mediafire/etc).


  • Each author or creative team must submit their own comic. Please, do not send us suggestions for comics you think should be participating. In that case, inform the authors of said comic of this invitation.
  • Submissions will be received up to Sunday 20th December 2015 at 22 hours, and then the evaluation of submitted material will begin.
  • Contest results and observations will be announced on Friday 1st January 2016. The winning work will be awarded $100,000 Chilean pesos and you can do whatever you want with the money.


  • For reasons of transparency and peace of mind, comics authored by our friends, or those in whose making we have somehow intervened, are disqualified. Our intention is to help people we don’t know or already support.
  • We will categorically reject all racist, chauvinist, classist, homophobic, xenophobic or Pinochet supporting material…
    Krassnoff, this is for you… don’t even try it!

What are we Looking For?        

  • Substantial comics, with a well-developed narrative, regardless of genre or style.
  • New perspectives and ways in the language of comics; authors and stories that step out of the comfort zone.

Other important points

You don’t need to be a great illustrator to make a good comic, our tastes are rather odd and we might just love your work.
This micro-scholarship is NOT a commitment for us to publish your comic or work with you. We only wish to reward comics in a way we think is right.

We count on your participation and support in this endeavor!
(if you have any questions, you can ask through the comments form or send us a tweet @mapachestudios )




Inscription Form

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Briefly describe your comic plot

Describe yourself and/or the creative team

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